• seiko m64s printer

SIZE 64'

Printing speed

High Speed 49.7m2/h

Fast Production 66.5m2/h

Normal 4.78m2/h

Quality 9.2m2/h


900 dpi

Maximum Print Width 1616 mm

Ink SX INK  w64s-color-.png      

Ink Capacity 1500 ml

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High productivity


The air flow inside the printer has been redesigned for

faster ink drying. The air flow system brings air from

the rear of the printer and then blows it along the front

cover out of the printer.

The new media take-up unit offers a new loose mode to

reduce stresson the print surface and supports reliable

unattended printing. 

The ColorPainter M-64s also comes with a new slide-out

mechanism allowing users to easily load and unload media. 

High quality printing

Dynamic Dot Printing Technology controls and optimizes dot size to produce.

DDP also creates high density printing without any loss in speed, giving the

ColorPainter M-64s backlit film capabilities. rich, bold and glossy colors with

fine details. Static electricity on print media is one of the major factors that

cause printing defects.

The built-in on-carriage ionizer neutralizes static electricity and eliminates

static related print issues,even in a low humidity environment.

SIIT’s unique nozzle compensation function evolves to the next level.

Smart Nozzle Mapping re-maps clogged nozzles so you can continue 

downtime and boost your productivity. to print with perfect image quality.

SNM2 can significantly reduce downtime and boost your productivity. 

With improved algorithms and masking technology, the 4th generation of

Smart Pass Technology now more effecvtively reduces overspray and

eliminates pass-to-pass banding. Optimizing the effect for each print mode,

SP4 brings superb image quality to versatile applications.

CP Manager software allows you to monitor printer status, change

printsettings,check ink levels, or see suggested maintenance on your PC.

Large Capacity Ink Cartridges

The ColorPainter M64S comes with 1.5 liter large capacity ink cartridges and built in sub tanks to support continuous high volume printing.The built in xub tanks allow you to easily replace the ink cartridges without interruptingprint jobs.

Offers gray ink in addition to the standard 6 color configuration.



 ColorPainter M-64S

 Printing Method

 Industrial drop-on-demand piezo-electric

 Print Head

 508 nozzles

 Printing Resolution

 900 dpi

 Maximum Media Width

 1626 mm

 Maximum Print Width

 1616 mm

 Printing Speed

 3.5 to 66.5 smph

 Maximum Media Weight

 Up to 50 kg

 Maximum Media Diameter

 220 mm

 Margin Size

 5 mm

 Ink Type

 SX Ink

 Colors of Ink

 7 color (C/M/Y/K/Lc/Lm/Gy)

 Ink Capacity

 1500 ml


 Vinyl/banner/backlit films/textiles…

 Built-in Heater

 3 way independently controlled heater (front/print/rear)

 Take-up System



 USB 2.0

 Power Voltage

 200 to 240 VAC/12A/50Hz/60Hz 10%

 Power Consumption

 2880W or less

 Operation Environment

 15-30,30to70% (with no condensation)

 Storage Environment

 5-35,10to80% (with no condensation)

 External Dimension



 321 kg