Fieldcenter Inc. founded in 1988, and the company has been in sign manufacture for more than 25 years now, providing sensible and innovative signs solutions by adopting an innovative approach to the design manufacture and sign installation services. Our approach involves close client contact throughout, we aim to provide our clients with the complete sign package; our extensive knowledge of materials and manufacturing techniques enables us to develop and enhance the original brief to produce inspirational and quality signage, delivered on time, tailoring each solution to the client's requirements, and with the complete and various of sign installation and maintenance experiences, undeniably, makings us the most experienced signmaker in the region.

Based in Taichung, our service covers the whole of Taiwan. Fieldcenter has continually maintained a successful relationship with every client that we served over the years, who appreciate the art of a good signmaker and who will listen to their needs. During the time being, we have supplied and installed signs at the compact space to the largest flagship showroom, or from uni-dimension to a 10 stories tall building, helping out on CI rollout programmes, reimage, rebrand…, we were involved with countless sites nationwide, we provide storage space for the discard signs and retired parts, we provide everything we could within our capability whenever and whatever requested.

Getting your signage right, right at the beginning is vitally important, because at the end of the day our reputation matters too. Fieldcenter’s core value is to serve the client endlessly with our various experiences with all kind of signage matters in Fieldcenter’s way.