1.Recovers Printhead/Saves Cost/Saves Time/Easy to operate

2.Built in Ultrasonic Cleaning System that cleans inkjet head completely

3.Push button front panel control unit system for easy set up

4.Time and temperature control unit system for accurate operation

5.High density 5U micro filter to avoid the particles from blocking the inkjet heads

6.High quality pumps and valves for long term use

7.Made with stainless steel body machine to avoid rust

8.Can clean dual inkjet heads simultaneously

9.With adjustable valve flush and vacuum solvent cleaning system

10.Easy to maintain and change parts

11.Can clean different kinds of solvent or oil base inkjet head

12.110V/220V-240V power input voltage

Head cleaning accessories and adapter4_461223.png

   1.Standard Adapter                       2. Epson                       3. Spetra/Vutek               4. Tube Accessories

   Konica/Xaar/Seiko Epson

    5. Vutek                                   6. Vutek                             7. Spetra                       8. Spetra